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Uses Of Plankton

by Assistant Vagabond

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Plankton is one of the world’s simplest and basic organisms. And yet its effect on the world is unrecognized. Though it may be small in size, its contribution ranges from being the world’s biggest oxygen producer, to its treatment for cancer patients and its role in the food chain.

There is no other single celled organism in the world can match the effect that plankton has. In fact, our continued existence today, is in a way, caused by the environmental effect of planktons.

The oxygen supply in the world has always been thought to be the domain of trees and other botanical organisms. Yes, it is correct. But what most people do not know about is that plankton contributes far greater that trees do. Its estimated oxygen production levels is at 90%, this by far is the most essential role of plankton.

Plankton is a microscopic organism that lives in every ocean depth there is. This is because every layer in the sea or ocean has a certain nutrient that plankton feeds on, and since they need sunlight to process photosynthesis, their location can vary from one depth to the next.  It can hardly be seen by the naked eye, although in great numbers, it can appear to be a green colored substance under the water.

Furthermore, plankton is one of the forefront basal organisms in the food chain. This means that they are the source of food for most of the tiny organisms that starts of the web.  So fish and other creatures feed on plankton, and in the next step the fishes are the prey of other large fishes, and the cycle continues until it reaches man.

And though some people may find it hard to believe that planktons are that important, if the food chain has a missing link, it will affect all that follow.

In the field of medicine, there are groundbreaking discoveries in cancer treatments. It has been found that planktons can help prevent the cause of tumors within the body. Recent experiments have shown that planktons contain more nutrients than any other cell or medicine today. It also contains chlorophyll, something that plants have that transports nutrients to damaged or oxygen-deprived cells.

It has also been discovered that those cancer patients that have been given plankton based medicines while after their surgery or treatments have a higher recovery rate than others. In fact, some have even regained their former strength when they were much younger. The plankton treatment revitalized their old cells and jumpstarted their system for a healthier and fuller life. The effect of drinking plankton and the immune system is very good.

And with more scientific research being conducted on plankton, there will be discoveries to be made about what plankton can do to improve our lives and our health. It is just unbelievable on how this small microorganism can contribute in so many different fields, and improve the lives of people that need new medical treatments. In time, plankton will be recognized as one of the most important and yet subtle organisms that exist in this planet.


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