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Health Benefits Of Phytoplankton

by Assistant Vagabond

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Phytoplanktons are tiny autotrophic organisms that are ocean-bound. They are plants and bacteria that provide a tremendous amount of nutrition. These microscopic organisms are the vegetation of the ocean and also in charge of creating up to 90% of oxygen. Phytoplanktons provide us essential vitamins and minerals. Large sea creatures like bow head whales, blue whales and other kinds of whales eat plankton.

These sea animals can live up to 80 – 150 years old sustaining their strength and endurance during their existence. What phytoplanktons can do for sea life can also do for humans, it can extend our life span with a healthy and strong body.
The micro nutrients found in plankton are customized for the human body.

Phytoplanktons have electrolytes and components that our body needed. The human body has an amazing system called homeostasis that maintains all systems in balance. Eliminate some important elements needed by the body will cause it to break down and have diseases. Phytoplanktons are perfect in keeping the equilibrium in our bodies and are also essential in helping us live a long and healthy life.

Here are the reasons why phytoplankton may be beneficial to our health:
• They reduce the pain and swelling in our joints.
• They contain ultra-potent lipids to improve brain function.
• They provide mental alertness that fights Parkinson’s disease, general dementia and ADHD.
• They stabilize blood sugar levels.
• They support a healthy with their amount of vitamins and minerals.
• They can decrease the level of cholesterol in your body.
• They prevent you from having dermatitis and psoriasis.
• The vitamins and minerals in phytoplanktons are abundant. They include vitamins B12, C, E, potassium, chlorophyll, magnesium and plentiful other minerals and vitamins.
• They are helpful in maintaining perfect eyesight, healthy liver and good sleeping habits.
• They increase your energy level

The impact of phytoplankton as an additional source of nutrients in the body presents an alternative to medicines and chemicals that are created in a laboratory. This also coincides with current trend of having a holistic natural approach to healing oneself. And though pharmaceutical companies may come out with similar products, there is still no comparison on the healing effects of natural organisms available for our use.
The use of phytoplankton as an alternative remedy has already started. There are numerous websites on the Internet where stories of fast recoveries are being made by patients that take phytoplankton as their medicine. In fact, their healing rate is much faster than those that use conventional methods imposed by doctors.

This certainly proves that no amount of scientific concoction created in a laboratory can complete with healing effects and nutrients provided by phytoplankton. This organism, if harnessed to its full potential, will create more healthy individuals and help control diseases that are caused by sedentary and negligent lifestyles. But we have barely scratched the surface with what phytoplankton can offer, with more future research conducted, there will be more vitamins and medicines that contain phytoplankton as its base ingredient.


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